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Facilities photograph

The appearance

Vertical plaids made of trees unlike the House of bonesetting are marks.
The appearance

Reception desk

We guide with confirmation of health insurance card here.

Waiting room

With relaxing single chair which was conscious of hotel lobby pre-; examine, and will have entry such as votes.
We install "wave speaker" of M's System which is introduced into foreign-affiliated high quality hotel suite here. Please actually enjoy live music that you seem to play on the spot.
Waiting room

High Bullitt denonchi*ki

Electric therapy device first "low frequency" + introduces "rutina" of Japanese Medix draining two kinds of electrical stimulation of "cycle" at the same time, and-based, warm temperature function, please experience alone this high Bullitt denon*ho to be able to taste only by machine by all means more.

Medical chair

You introduce highest peak model of wisteria medical care caliber who can do neither the purchase nor experience in household appliances general merchandising stores, and please experience massage while-based, distant red internal organs heater pad warms body from core by all means. Medical chair