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①Posture pelvis manipulative treatment

Posture pelvic manipulative general rate 5,000 yen + tax

The adjustment method of pain, posture, autonomic nerve

As for applicant of pelvic manipulative treatment, bridal beauty manipulative treatment of after giving birth

It became available from this menu daylong♪

※Pelvic manipulative treatment recommends the use from three months in after giving birth in after giving birth

※As for the bridal beauty manipulative treatment, wedding recommends the use for two months of photography again

☆Introduction of new service perfection introduction model membership system

Member system [ebesuya friend]

The use is more due to begin than H30 nine a year month‼

ebesuya regular customers again targeting at introducer

Special treatment rate of posture pelvis manipulative treatment carries out special service♪

Enrollment condition: <the name of existing member> It is available in this from the day

ebesuya friend enrollment fee 0 yen

Member monthly basis 1,000 yen + tax

Normal 5,000 yen + tax per one time of surgical operation rate ⇨⇨⇨

1,500 yen + tax

Member merit ① low charge flat again and again anytime

Without use restrictions and condition, we treat surgical operation rate warmly again and again anytime

It is lower-priced than insurance combination surgical operation and realizes special treatment rate of member-limited

To one that surgical operation rate per once is held down, and wants to cure mind and body, which wants to go more

You can use ebesuyano surgical operation kindly economically

Member merit ② permanence-like physical care, periodical maintenance

Using member system, we do guidance along each use purpose, next hospital movement machine

We go every day and can customize going to hospital frequency including 1-2 times freely in 1-2 times, month in week as much as there is not limitation

From physical care that we concentrated for a short term to long-term periodical maintenance, it is permanently available widely

In addition, we control fickleness by becoming member and obtain healthy mind and body steadily

Cashless service of member merit ③ members only

Cashless service that standing order is available for every month from credit card, bank account

Cash which pays each time, and stops by at the time of going to hospital is unnecessary, and troublesome trouble and waiting time at the time of accounts disappear

Accounts stress that wallet and payment are not necessary at the time of going to hospital after only by the first registration, and is troublesome is zero♪

Every month summary payment that can come home after the surgical operation immediately is OK

②Traffic accident, workmen's accident

Traffic accident <compulsory automobile liability insurance, car compensation damage liability insurance> __ window burden 0 yen
Work-related accident, commuting accident <worker's compensation insurance> Window burden 0 yen

The surgical operation staff of all ebesuyadeha

Having national qualification <bonesetter>

Because we get the authorization from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Compensation like hospital, orthopedics is received

Contents: Hybrid denon*ho ・ Ebisuya-style frame reposition (maneuver therapy)
Time: Approximately ten minutes ____ approximately ten minutes ____ total approximately 20 minutes
※Once a week: Instruction management


●In the case of traffic accident

①Reservation of direct ebesuyahe next hospital

②We inform the compensation insurance person in charge on the assailant side, "House of bonesetting ebesuyani visits a hospital for treatment"

※There are no required documents which patient brings

●In the case of workmen's accident

①Reservation of direct ebesuyahe next hospital

②We inform the office workmen's accident person in charge, "House of bonesetting ebesuyani visits a hospital for treatment"

※Documents haebesuyademo preparations for workmen's accident are possible

<instructions when, by traffic accident, we use compulsory automobile liability insurance>

①Patient following up again is available for ju*tsuin during consultation in orthopedics now to the House of bonesetting

However, principle, please quit hospital on equivalence day and going to hospital with overlap of the House of bonesetting

And once a month by doctor please have an examination <** with medical department>

②When pain occurs to body site which is different from diagnosis part before injury month, please receive diagnosis of doctor from the viewpoint of causation with accident immediately

Please consult with the compensation insurance person in charge about consultation hope by overhauls specialist in change hope to other medical institutions again again

In addition, please tell the situation of symptom including pain to the compensation insurance person in charge in trifle in detail

③About authorized application of physical impediment, proof of doctor is necessary

Therefore, patient that there is concern about physical impediment comes to need follow-up consultation by doctor

Authorized application of physical impediment is not possible in the House of bonesetting, bonesetters

④Compulsory automobile liability insurance is established by compensation for damages contract with victim (patient) and assailant (nonlife insurer)

Assailant (nonlife insurer) does not sign on compensation with healer (doctor, bonesetter)

It conveys necessary treatment regimen exactly that nonlife insurer can perform the House of bonesetting and is request (by commission of patient) of treatment costs that is a part in compensation range

⑤At our hospital, we plan cooperation with medical department and keep diagnosis of doctor, surgical operation that respected intention of patient along follow-up consultation again again in mind

And we tell compensation insurance person in charge about symptom progress, views of injury part of patient in detail monthly

※At our hospital, we are not operating for injury of traffic accident that we use health insurance now

In addition, we do not perform surgical operation by health insurance in principle when we perform third party act report to insurer

For trouble evasion, thank you for your understanding beforehand

③Judo reposition surgical operation

Judo reposition surgical operation <sprain, blow, contusion, dislocation, bone fracture>

We cope until injury in everyday life, sports injury widely

Insurance combination surgical operation rate ※Injury cause is necessary

<insurance 30% burden> 1,840 yen - 2,420 yen

(breakdown:) tax-included for insurance + frame surgical operation charges 1,470 yen (

<student> 1,420 yen - 2,000 yen

(breakdown:) tax-included for insurance + frame surgical operation charges 1,050 yen (

<insurance 20% burden> 1,370 yen - 1,850 yen

(breakdown:) tax-included for insurance + frame surgical operation charges 1,050 yen (

<insurance 10% burden> 1,210 yen - 1,450 yen

(breakdown:) tax-included for insurance + frame surgical operation charges 1,050 yen (

※Emergency measure of bone fracture, dislocation is different from the rate mentioned above

For insurance burden 0 yen + frame reposition charges 1,050 yen (tax-included)
⑴Atom bomb A-bomb victim
⑵Welfare recipient
⑶Japanese sports revival school center School, going to hospital accident
⑷Sports security insurance
⑸The medical expenses furtherance In the severeness mind and body person with a disability, one pro-families infants
※⑸There is no burden iron in the medical expenses furtherance from the fifth (to the fourth ... 500 yen)

Three ju**ten (we include all in frame reposition rate) of frame reposition

We detect and are eliminated, and distortions of referred pain, frame except injury part are revised, too!

When we take as need including taping measures, bandage fixation, we deal!

Medical massage chair after waiting time, surgical operation is free!

※Instructions by insurance surgical operation

⑴Injury cause, injury name

Cause of injury (injury) is necessary for sickness and wound that health insurance applies

Only for 5 injuries name of sprain, contusion, blow, bone fracture, dislocation with injury cause, it is applied health insurance

About injury name, we decide the basis of judgment of management bonesetter, precise injury name after confirming main complaint of patient enough <duties monopoly qualification>

⑵Going to hospital frequency, going to hospital period

Going to hospital frequency is single-engines such as two times once a month, and doubt may be held by healthy insurer when patient does not have intention of sickness and wound healing, and consolation act is purpose

In addition, by surgical operation with going to hospital distance opening more than from 15 to 30, in the case of jikaiju*, health insurance may not be usable <to surgical operation of complete own expense>

When going to hospital period by the same injury continues six months later, we may recommend surgical operation at complete own expense at our hospital

⑶Simultaneous going to hospital with the House of orthopedics, other setsu (*) bones

**chi* with other medical institutions <the House of orthopedics, setsu (*) bone> may not use health insurance <to surgical operation of complete own expense>

Patient that other medical institutions were consulted about this injury part, please declare by all means in shokenji by any chance

⑷Storage of receipt statement

As you issue receipt statement every surgical operation by all means, please keep

We list one-month total of amount of money in allowance for family medical expenses supply application for insurance of receipt statement and we make one piece of document every month and submit to insurer

For confirmation including going to hospital day, the going to hospital number of times, please wait by yourself

⑸There is ju*ininfutsu

With allowance for family medical expenses, patient is originally window and files for request to full payment, health insurer joining in patient later <we get rid of repayment>

Insurance regimes of the House of bonesetting are classified in allowance for family medical expenses in medical expenses, but finish window payment of patient with burden as there is ju*ininfutsu and becomes system

It is system which the House of bonesetting side receives commission of patient, and acts for request procedure of allowance for family medical expenses afterwards <there is ju*ininfutsu system>

Therefore signature from patient is necessary for one piece of monthly supply application paper

⑹Application of blank paper

As for the insurance regime of the House of bonesetting, signature of patient is necessary for monthly supply application paper for ju*ininfutsu itoiu system

At the House of bonesetting, please sign application of blank paper in duties beforehand out of necessity at the beginning of the month

We want to have signature after patient originally confirmed mention contents in state that documents were completed enough, but will have signature on allowance for family medical expenses supply application after the surgical operation at shokenji, the beginning of the month beforehand as we are operating by convenience of patient, and it may not be possible for the next hospital

As allowance for family medical expenses supply application is completed on about 8th in the next month in the month concerned, person who wants to look at contents, monthly supply application paper which we want to sign after having confirmed mention contents enough again, please order so

※About insurance combination surgical operation by bonesetting duties

At our hospital, insurance surgical operation and combination surgical operation of frame reposition maneuver therapy (own expense surgical operation) become basics, but insurance surgical operation simple substance is possible, too

Contents of insurance surgical operation are the examination of frame, electro therapy, cool and warm application of a poultice, fixation methods

You feel free to contact, and please follow patient wanting only insurance surgical operation