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Surgical operation flow

At first 01 is reserved

Ex-Emperor ebesuya Higashionomichi takes reservation system daylong

Telephone reservation or Email reservation or LINE reservation

Please utilize this

※We take reservation system, but case and waiting for chair to keep waiting to some extent by time may be crowded

In addition, turn may be mixed up depending on state and surgical operation contents of symptom to some extent

Thank you for your understanding beforehand

02 pre-; examine and is filled in vote

At first please inform, "we try for the first time" to accept

By waiting for chair pre-; examine, and please fill in vote

Write the situation of testee information and this symptom

※I take health insurance card only when I confirm injury contents and take as insurance application

Explanation, confirmation of 03 surgical operations

We explain this surgical operation contents, surgical operation time

Examination for 04 muscles and bones

Pre-; examine, and, based on vote, perform interview, ocular inspection, palpation

We inspect physical state, symptom

Please feel free to contact in trifle

05 high burriddo denon*ho

We give physical therapy with the latest medical equipment

We introduce the latest medical equipment which gives electrical stimulation that is high Bullitt who matched middle cycle with ebesuyadeha, low frequency warm temperature stimulation at the same time

It promotes metabolism and bloodstream of muscle, joint which hardened causing pain, distortion and loosens

06 Ebisuya type frame reposition (maneuver therapy)

We do not do impossible correction with bone with snaps,

By easy frame reduction that Ebisuya group puts study on every day,

We get rid of skewness, torsion of frame of whole body, hyperstrain

And it promotes normalization of nervous system, blood vessel lymph system

07 reception desks <the check>

We speak point to keep in mind in confirmation and everyday life of posture, future surgical operation plan

"Improvement sasemasho ‼ with health condition by continuous going to hospital"

We have you settle account at reception desk and become the surgical operation end

We can accept reservation on the next time, too

Cash or credit card or electronic money

Please pay in this

"Please return carefully. Please take care of yourself."