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Seven charm that are chosen

①Bonesetting <Goya-style frame reposition> that scholar of national qualification gives

ebesuyano maneuver is different in here! <Goya-style frame reposition>

・Difference with the House of House of other bonesetting, bonesetting!

The House of normal bonesetting → Only in part with pain, it is surgical operation such as assembly line. Or there are many Houses of bonesetting only for electric therapy, too

ebesuya   → Let alone aching part. We detect all, and referred pain and trigger points of whole body are eliminated from there, too. In addition, we revise structure, sinew balance of frame becoming prime cause of pain

・Difference with hospital, clinic!

Normal orthopedics → Chemotherapy including injection, medication predominates, and is seriously ill example; surgical treatment <approach from the viewpoint of Western medicine>

ebesuya    → Surgical operation <we approach from the viewpoint of inherent judo reposition art, three of Western medicine, Oriental medicine in Japan> that is kind to mind and body mainly on empty hand therapy not to depend on injection as much as possible

・Difference with folk remedy!

Cairo dental plaque Thich, manipulative House → Surgical operation such as rubbing to turn joint excessively mainly, and to push with strong stimulation by scholar of private qualification that does not need report to government office

ebesuya          → Reliable safe surgical operation that has high curative effect with mildness based on scientific grounds with public qualification <Rev. judo reposition> (Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare license) which nation detects

We finish all courses of rule basic medicine in designated school of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and surgical operation person of our group holds qualification of Rev. judo reposition license that passed national examination of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare jurisdiction.

We are safe and, under the technique that theory that person of national qualification that is specialist in exercise device <Rev. judo reposition> is reliable is reliable, put <frame reposition> mainly on high empty hand therapy of curative effect.

Furthermore, as a result of having repeated technical abrasion of empty hand therapy for founding 34 years, we have the case results of tens of thousands of and we are safe and succeed in offer of high surgical operation technology of effect using grand rounds, arts and sciences network in position bonesetter society.

We regard ebesuyadeha, pain (pain), posture, autonomic nerve (we participate in physical inside and mind sides) as the Trinity and operate.

If posture is bad, bloodstream disorder and autonomic nerve are disheveled and become cause that malaise such as stress and fatigue, headache, ringing in the ears, lassitude of whole body appears as well as symptoms such as pains.

It is right negative spiral.

We do not examine only ebesuyadeha, part with pain and at first we classify whole bodies in axis of anteroposterior right and left and see physical structure three-dimensionally.

And we correct frames such as distortions and let transmission of nerve thereby normalize and improve body and disorder of heart by smoothening circulation such as blood vessel, lymph.

In addition, we perform correction or fixation by taping or bandage if necessary.

As well as ebesuyade, care of passiveness, we learn methods to approach by oneself positively and obtain mental and physical comfortable state.

Both heart and body become straight, and patient operates sincerely that even a little becomes smile easily and can return.

②Acute traumatic surgical operation is foreign traffic accident, workmen's accident

②ebesuyadeha traffic accident, workmen's accident performs acute traumatic surgical operation outpatient

Traffic accident, workmen's accident, three reasons that are chosen by acute traumatic patient

<ebesuyaga chosen reason ①>

As <honetsugi>, we carried field of orthopedics originally, and, with national qualification <Rev. judo reposition>, acute injury was treated.

ebesuyadeha, the authorization of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, compensation like hospital, orthopedics is received again for workmen's accident designation, nomination organization!

In addition, ** with clinic, orthopedics visiting a hospital for treatment now is possible

And we can perform introduction of other <orthopedist> teachers if there is request than patient

<ebesuyaga chosen reason ②>

Because we perform holiday correspondence such as Saturday and Sunday night correspondence until 21:00 p.m. again, even work return can visit a hospital for treatment even on absent day!

Treatment soon after the injury is important not to leave aftereffects

<ebesuyaga chosen reason ③>

Because we are surgical operation of traffic accident, workmen's accident for a long time for founding 34 years, patient whom the experience-rich staff including technique, knowledge holds uneasiness in can perform advice and support utilized conventional experience and results!

And we make use of past caseload and try for construction of relationship of mutual trust with insurance company

Furthermore, we can perform introduction of specialist in law <Lawyer> teacher of <consultation charges for free> if there is request of patient

③Introduction of low-priced own expense surgical operation
④Cheerful accounts of rate mention, relief

③As we can have the next House to physical maintenance objective patient such as "correction such as posture or distortion" "prevention of injury" "improvement of constitution" by complete own expense surgical operation without health insurance card casually, width of use of bonesetting House opens.

In addition, because we can operate for referred pain (insurance application outside rank) by insurance surgical operation by total by combination of own expense, we can expect increase of curative effect, reduction of the treatment number of times, early recovery and can contribute to medical expenses reduction of the whole country.

And own expense surgical operation is easy to visit a hospital for treatment, and it sets to low charge above all to wipe out image to be high.

④You can grasp money of burden that patient pays after surgical operation beforehand by listing the amount of upper limit of ebesuyaha insurance surgical operation.

As they include all material costs that they used for surgical operation of additional part and surgical operations such as bandage, taping, higher than mention rate do not occur at all.

We think that we want patient to undergo surgical operation in peace on rate side.

⑤Receptionist normal on Saturday and Sunday breakless until 21:00 to stop by

⑤ebesuyaha takes the convenience-related superior system so that work is easy to visit a hospital for treatment to patient who cannot readily consult medical institution by housework in "receptionists which "there is no break" normal on Saturday and Sunday" until "21:00 to stop by".

⑥BGM, parking lot which did spaciously just like opening-like space, live sound such as hotel
⑦Thorough cleaning, hygiene management

⑥By ebesuyaha, the Western-style appearance unlike the House of bonesetting, the Houses are unified with relaxed interior based on brown.

We provide good-quality time to heal body which we hurt by surgical operation in adjustment bed becoming half private room in opening-like space such as hotel.

In addition, we direct space with presence of mind with fragrance of aroma D fuser.

And we introduce wave speaker of M's System which is adopted in foreign-affiliated high quality hotel suite and carry away BGM just like live sound.

In addition, there is more than ten with a space in extensive parking space, and patient who is weak in driving is relieved, and parking of car is possible.

⑦We perform thoroughly ebesuyaha-like cleaning, and alcohol sanitizes electronic pad which touches bed mat and skin each time without spreading bath towel daringly to bed.
Furthermore, we introduce air cleaner machine and we are beautiful and work on the in-hospital making of that can feel relieved to air.

In addition, powder room is installed in House, too and can perform touching up makeup and appearance check after the second lunar month, surgical operation to arrival at surgical operation there.